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What I Ate Today #1: High Protein, Low GI and Complex Carbs Meal Ideas

My first 'What I Eat Today/Wednesday' of all three meals including mid-afternoon and after dinner snacks. Let me know if you'd like this to be a regular thing.

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Eat like a lineman: The nutrition, not the quantity

He uses less cream than most versions, substituting skim milk and coconut milk, and he replaces some of the sugar with sorghum, which has a lower glycemic index. But even so, it's bread pudding. It's not going to be great for you. “I like to tell

Gluten Free/Casein Free diet and autism studied…and no sign of a benefit

To obtain information on the safety and efficacy of the gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) diet, we placed 14 children with autism, age 3-5 years, on the diet for 4-6 weeks and then conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled challenge study for 12 weeks

Coconut oil and a good blender: 7 kitchen essentials for raw baking

We're very passionate about steering clear of refined sugar. It spikes your blood sugar levels and effects your health in so many negative ways. Coconut sugar has a far lower GI than table sugar and is full of amino acids and vitamin C. It also tastes

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Vibrant Health, Glycemic Vibrance H, 90 Capsules

Vibrant Health, Glycemic Vibrance H, 90 Capsules

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Vibrant Health -Glycemic Vibrance H- 90 Capsules Vibrant Health Glycemic Vibrance H (formerly Type 2 Glycemic Vibrance) contains nutrients helpful in the support of healthy blood sugar levels. The Vibrant Health family of Glycemic Vibrance products includes: Glycemic Vibrance L, Glycemic Vibrance H Powder and Glycemic Vibrance H Capsules. Nutrients in Glycemic Vibrance H have been selected for their role in supporting normal insulin uptake at the cellular level by providing a correct balance of nutrients associated with normal glucose metabolism within cells. Other ingredients inhibit the conversion of dietary carbohydrate to blood sugar at the border of the intestinal lining to help maintain normal blood sugar levels. Discussion Antioxidant supplements can reduce peroxidation and improve overall antioxidant status. This product may, therefore, be combined with comprehensive antioxidant supplements on the order of Vibrant Health's Life Preserver, Green Vibrance, Super Natural C, Green Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance, Cran-Max, and Improved Tocotrienols. All supplements targeted for blood sugar management are most effective as part of a well designed whole food diet low in grain and starch, combined with exercise and a diet of multiple small meals rich in fresh vegetables and protein. Ingredients Glycemic Vibrance H is a blend of concentrated natural foods high in fiber with trace nutrients, polyphenols, essential minerals, carnitine, botanical extracts and antioxidants recognized to help in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Glycemic Vibrance H Capsules are the portable version of Glycemic Vibrance H Powder. They are intended for (but not limited to) use away from home, after starting the day with a serving of powder in cool or lukewarm blueberry tea (best). About Vibrant Health Vibrant Health is a brand of products to assist the healing of illness and the establishment of optimum health.

Teras Whey Goat Whey Protein Unsweetened Plain - 12 Oz

Teras Whey Goat Whey Protein Unsweetened Plain - 12 Oz

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Pure nutrition. Great taste. Gluten-free. 22 g protein per serving. Pure Nutrition, Artisan Ingredients, Earth Friendly: Tera'swhey provides the highest quality, all natural, great tasting nutrition for your healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Starting with carefully sourced whey from small family farms and artisan cheese makers in the dairy heartland of America - Wisconsin. Ethically Treated: Offering fresh whey protein from ethically treated goat milk sources, paired with premium ingredients including high antioxidant super fruits and low glycemic stevia to deliver a taste unlike any other. Artisan Crafted: Crafted in small batches at our green factory that touches the protein, and the planet, lightly. The perfect balance of trusted family farming and earth friendly processing to create a true artisan whey. Be well. Be vibrant. Plain and Simple: Goat whey contains valuable nutrients and digests much easier than cow's milk. a great tasting alternative for those who may be allergic to cow whey protein - now as simple as it gets - plain, unsweetened goat whey. Naturally Healthy Protein: 22g of naturally complete protein and naturally low carbohydrates - a great tasting recipe for a healthy diet. [Yeast Free]


Jonny Bowden | The Nutrition Mythbuster – High-Protein ...
One of the most encouraging pieces of information to come from this study is that it doesn’t take an “extreme” diet to produce benefits.

High Protein Low Carb Diet | Low Carb High Protein Diet ...
Learn about low carb/high protein diets, the concerns about them and what the research shows. Also called the "Atkins Diet", this diet is very popular but has a ...

Glycemic-Index Diet -- What You Need to Know -- US News ...
... Associationfound low-glycemic index diets to be bets ... a low- or high-GI diet found a slight ... low-GI carbs are also high-protein—like quinoa ...

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Low GI Diet for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Low GI Diet for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Published by Hachette UK 2011
ISBN 9780733628375,0733628370
272 pages

If you’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or suspect you have it, this book provides advice about how to manage your condition, and shows how eating the healthy low GI way can help you take control. This updated edition is a companion to Australia’s original international bestseller, the LOW GI DIET HANDBOOK, and is filled with indispensable advice on switching to a low GI diet. The authors’ total lifestyle approach includes: • Easy-to-understand information on low GI carbs and their benefits for PCOS; • Practical tips to make low GI eating and regular exercise a way of life; • An at-a-glance guide to the GI and glycemic load values of more than 1000 foods; • How to beat the symptoms of PCOS; • How to boost fertility; • How to balance hormones; • How to reduce...

Low GI Diet Handbook
Low GI Diet Handbook
Published by Hachette UK 2011
ISBN 9780733628078,0733628079
500 pages

The most significant dietary finding of the last 25 years, the glycemic index (GI) is an easy-to-understand measure of how food affects blood glucose levels and has revolutionised the way we eat. This fifth edition of Australia’s original international bestseller is the one-stop classic resource for anyone who wants to discover the benefits of adopting a healthy low GI lifestyle. It will help you: • Lose weight and keep it off; • Improve diabetes management; • Reduce the risk of heart disease; • Improve blood cholesterol levels; • Manage the symptoms of PCOS; • Boost your fertility; • Reduce hunger and stay full for longer; • Prolong physical endurance; • Prevent obesity; • Increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

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Defining low-carbohydrate food choices
09/09/15, via The Paris Post-Intelligencer

There are many diets and food choices out there, making it very hard to determine which one is right for you. Should you go paleo, low-fat, high protein — or maybe you should detox? There is so much confusion centered around food, and it is vital to be ...

6 Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfasts to Start the School Day Right
09/09/15, via Go Local Worcester

Newer research is also showing that kids who consume high glycemic foods (sugary foods with little ... They tend to be very high in sugar and low in nutrients. Starting with a base of protein-packed organic whole milk yogurt, a frozen bananan (for a ...

20 savory meatball recipes for every diet
09/08/15, via Philadelphia Daily News

There’s something about this high-protein main dish that is so comforting ... You’ll find a meatball for every kind of diet: paleo, gluten-free, low-carb, dairy-free, low fat and even vegan. Whatever your way of eating, you’ll be sure to find ...

Killer Toast Or What Has Carbs Got To Do With Everything?
Killer Toast Or What Has Carbs Got To Do With Everything?

Labeled as only 15 grams of carbohydrate, toast is 60% carbs as opposed to 40% when it's bread which takes longer to digest. Toast spiked my blood sugar to 132 mg/dl which is more than ice cream at 105 mg/dl, but not as much as cooked steel cut oatmeal which tops all my readings at 155 mg/dl. (Normal is 85.) Why is this bad? Here is the science as I have gleaned from my reading of "Good Calories, Bad Calories". I had to read parts of the book several times to keep from glossing over the technical details, but once I read slowly enough to visualize what each component of the metabolic system did, it became easier to understand. So to begin, most food breaks down in the blood stream and becomes sugar. Sugar is already sugar so jumps right in there. Carbohydrates, especially refined, cooked carbs also turn to sugar very fast. Too much sugar in the blood registers as high blood sugar. High blood sugars are toxic to the body, wreaking havoc on kidneys and other organs. The...

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corned beef and cabbage with vegetables
corned beef and cabbage with vegetables

((potatoes fresh from the garden at the green house)) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato Nutrition Nutritionally, potatoes are best known for their carbohydrate content (approximately 26 grams in a medium potato). The predominant form of this carbohydrate is starch. A small but significant portion of this starch is resistant to digestion by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine, and so reaches the large intestine essentially intact. This resistant starch is considered to have similar physiological effects and health benefits as fiber: it provides bulk, offers protection against colon cancer, improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, lowers plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations, increases satiety, and possibly even reduces fat storage (Cummings et al. 1996; Hylla et al 1998; Raban et al. 1994). The amount of resistant starch in potatoes depends much on preparation methods. Cooking and then cooling potatoes significantly increases resistant starch. For example,...

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