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Don't Drink And Drive You Might Hit A Bump and Spill Your Drink - 8-1/2" x 2" - Vinyl Die Cut...

  • The transfer tape that we use on our...
  • This is a vinyl, die cut decal....WAY...

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Applying Tree Of Life Inlay Stickers to A Taylor 314 CE Guitar

My experience applying these. This is the Tree Of Life Style that looks very similar to the inlay on an Ibanez Jem.

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If someone comes and says 'I put a finish on and this happens.' We'll have 30 members at a meeting and Then I cut it 2 inches thick and it's air dried, stacked with stickers between the wood so there's airflow. Then after two years or so, I process

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Guitar Hero Live Interview with Jim Norris

I'd like to hear more about Guitar Hero Live and why you feel like it was a good time now to bring it back? So it's been roughly 5 years since the last Guitar Hero game was out and we kind of felt like it was a good time to bring another one out

Addicted // The Night Café

Source: The Lucky Velvet Music Blog

~I’m addicted to this song, and you know it~ Cheesy but true because this song is so great. It’s like dreamy but still a song to groove to. It starts out and I thought we were going to be in the middle of an 80’s pop song, and then everything else drops in and I remember why I am so excited about this band. I have been obsessed with this guy’s voice since day one, like the day they were still Canvas and dropped “Growing Up”. I can’t think of a way to describe the guitar hooks other than literally nuts, just so good. I legitimately gasped when I saw that this group dropped another song because I’ve been waiting to see if they could put out something as good as the last one, and look at that, they did. The harmonies thrown in just give this track a little something extra, and every time I hear it everything feels like it has finally fallen into place. Please send more new music our way because we are LOVING IT. Thoughts. I also love when people send me stuff to check out, so if you find yourself thinking “Man, this song should grace the pages of The Lucky Velvet”, let me know people. Taking the music of The Lucky Velvet with you everywhere you go. And you can now do that with this Spotify playlist. If you like my music blog and you like stickers, you can get a sticker with my music blog on it. Cool, right. com/people/elanamaling/works/14163744-the-lucky-velvet-music-blog-logo. grid_pos=2&p=sticker.


What Kind of stickers do you put on your guitar ...
The only time I'd ever put stickers on a guitar would be if I got some cheapo pawn shop guitar for sonic youth type tunings ...

What do you think about putting stickers on an electric ...
Never a good idea to put stickers on a guitar. ... seriously and it's not like "hey maybe if i put stickers on my guitar nobody will notice that i suck ...

What should I put on my guitar? (Sticker).? | Yahoo Answers
... m gettting a decal for my acoustic (and maybe electric) guitar. ... Also if you know of any sweet designs around that I could put on it. hit me up ...

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Image by www.acousticguitarforum.com

Stickers On Guitars

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Guitar Hero Live Interview with Jim Norris
10/01/15, via Capsule Computers

I’d like to hear a little bit more about Guitar Hero Live ... all sorts of weird stickers all over it so . . So which one is your favourite song so far in the game from the song list? A band I didn’t even know about until we put it in the game.

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You see all these people driving around with Salt Life stickers. Dude, you live in Columbia, where the f#!k is the salt? So, I see that the old car wash on Harbison Boulevard was bulldozed. I sure hope they put something ... I was playing guitar that ...

Matthew Good is Better Alone
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But now it’s just a swamp, and you need to put hip-waders on and carry a gun to see your comments ... it myself and played everything on it besides drums, and Ryan played guitar. I’m proud of it and it holds a place, but it was a whirlwind.

Stuff - One More Guitar Case
Stuff - One More Guitar Case

My acoustic guitar case has few stickers. It is the most econo Martin acoustic model, a D-1. Also pictured is my G&L Legacy Special (stratocaster knock-off) and my homemade Telecaster relic. It is a Fernandez tele with a fender replacement neck. It isn;t obvious from tis photo but I worked quite a bit by various means to make this like a Fender "relic" and when people see this guitar in person they often ask, "What year is it?" BOOKS: www.shelfari.com/michaelmc/shelf I remember back in the Nixon vs McGovern era I found a McGovern bumper sticker exactly like the one on the guitar case and put it on my grandmother's car. She DIDN'T THINK THAT WAS FUNNY! The first of many reasons, I thin, she stopped liking me.

Photo by ex_magician

Homemade Telecaster Relic
Homemade Telecaster Relic

My homemade Telecaster relic. It is a Fernandez telecaster with a Fender replacement neck and a custom decal. It might not be obvious from this photo but I worked quite a bit by various means to make this like a Fender "relic" and when people see this guitar in person they often ask, "What year is it?" I took the body apart and left it out in the sun for days; I dragged it down the sidewalk; I studied photos of very old electric guitars from a book I have and sanded the finish off on the finger board and neck in a similar pattern; I put sandpaper on the front of my shirt and along my right sleeve and played it. In retrospect this sounds sort of dumb but I had a fun project and the guitar sounds great and looks and feels great. Plus at this point I don't feel like I need to baby it.

Photo by ex_magician


My guitar with its new banana stickers. I haven't decided what to do with the big one. Maybe I'll put it on my amp.

Photo by colmmcsky