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Does Typography Matter? - Does Text Style Increase Sales?

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Amazing Typography in the Work of Katlego Phatlane

That means that app design is up against app design, posters are up against posters, web design against web design—you get the idea—no matter where in the world you reside. Plus, enter today and get the electrifying HOW Spring 2015 International

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It looks and feels like a building given the Ace Hotel makeover: reclaimed wood, neutral tones, nice typography, a place you can get a massage. The holding area for the journalists that Google gathered looked out onto a covered, open-air gym where buff 

Amazing Typography in the Work of Katlego Phatlane - How Blog (blog)


are judged by project type rather than by industry or region. That means that app design is up against app design, posters are up against posters, web design against web design—you get the idea—no matter where in the world you reside. Last month, HOW’s online editor told me about an awesome fellow from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has some killer designs that feature amazing typography. I know—lots of adjectives in there. Katlego Phatlane. If you haven’t seen his work , you’re missing out. And after interviewing him, I can safely say that if you haven’t heard him talk about his work, you are also missing out. So read on. Phatlane originally wanted to be an architect, but he found his way into design thanks to an art teacher in his final year of high school. The teacher noticed Phatlane’s knack for problem-solving and suggested he consider studying visual communication. Amid all the client work, Phatlane seems to regularly carve out time for personal projects. “With most client projects there is mostly always a form of direction required, and the room for experimentation is guided by a lot of rules,” he says. “This is why I love working on my own projects, because there are no rules, no deadlines and the freedom to change things whenever the mood takes me. I find it much easier, though, to work on client projects because I love working in a team... Phatlane notes that his biggest challenge in personal projects is to “create something beautiful out of a simple and mostly random thought. The final product is always exciting, that sense of being able to bring my thoughts to life in ways other people can relate [to] is very rewarding. When looking at his epic portfolio, it’s easy to assume that Phatlane’s favorite element in design is typography —and he confirms this. He creates a lot of 3D projects and is always looking for ways to fuse these with typography. “Whenever I see type, I see it in 3D almost immediately, so due to a lot of experimentation I don’t publish most projects. It’s the easiest way to show my work to the masses, and it really shows your growth. I love up-skilling and challenging myself, so this network is great to keep track of that. One of the HOW team’s favorite pieces of Phatlane’s is his side-project poster “Always try to make type look amaze-balls. ” Phatlane says he was inspired to create this after a random day out and seeing a friend’s expression, and goes on to say that he finds inspiration in “random ways all the time. “Whenever I see something—it could be anything—it gets me thinking about something else,” he says. “I love it when that process begins because I know that some form of project is being born. Phatlane considers working with Hearst on the chapter opener for O magazine’s 15th anniversary (pictured above) to be his biggest challenge. Hearst really liked the style of one of his projects and wanted him to adapt that style for the opener. “This was challenging, as I had to adapt something that was so unique to what it was, and creating the same thing with ‘restrictions’ was quite intense,” Phatlane says. “It’s always challenging adapting something you’ve thought up [in a] carefree [way] and just for fun to something that would be critiqued by the world, and it had to look inspired—truly difficult. “I want to be able to work with anybody, because at the end of the day we all just want to make beautiful work, so why not do it together. I asked Phatlane whether he has any words of wisdom for designers looking to experiment more in the realm of typography. “There is really something beautiful about typography that I can’t really say I’ve experienced with any other element in design. Typography is so broad, complicated in its technicality, and so subjective when customizing. but with all that, everyone can have their own unique expression. It’s how language looks, that to me is poetic because it’s like a design element that can relate with anybody from anywhere. This is so special in the global village we now live in. to have such a powerful tool at your disposal is something I wouldn’t take lightly. So if you’re a designer [who isn’t] excited by the sight of a well-designed ampersand, I worry about you. [Editor’s note: For the record, Phatlane included a winky face with that last sentence. Though I daresay he will indeed be worried about you—it’s the way of the typography lover, no. ]. More.


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Why Does Typography Matter?

Why Does Typography Matter?
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Google Books

Legacy of Typography
Legacy of Typography
Published by Smashing Magazine 2015
ISBN 9783944540009,394454000X

Typography is everywhere. If you walk out the door, you will be hard pressed to find any element of our daily lives that doesn't involve or rely on typography. The prevalence of typography is not limited only to the analog world. This eBook introduces historical and cultural aspects of type and how they relate to the Web industry. Find out about changing fads in type, about the complexities of Japanese characters and about typographic applications for different situations. You are sure to learn something that you didn't know before from our great authors. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Japanese, A Beautifully Complex Writing System - Respect Thy Typography - Typography Carved In Stone - Industrial-Strength Types - Legitima Typeface: An Experience Of Fossils And Revivals - When Typography Speaks...

Basics Typography 02: Using Type
Basics Typography 02: Using Type
Published by A&C Black 2011
ISBN 9782940411559,2940411557
184 pages

Basics Typography 02: Using Type introduces students to the different forms and functions of type. It offers a practical working guide to typography, structured to help readers work through design projects, and is fully illustrated with contemporary and historical examples.

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What is #typography and why does it matter? Check out our latest blog post to find out how it can make a difference.

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//21 //fifty-two weeks of design I think this week's design speaks for itself. The photograph was taken in the beautiful town of DeLand during their annual Christmas parade. Families gathered around. Friends chased each other in the grass. Little kids stood in awe with all the flashing lights. It was beautiful. While I was attempting to figure out what message this design would attempt to convey, I was stuck. I spent close to an hour solely changing the text around. Then, I saw Tin Tin. It certainly changed things — quite a bit. There was specifically this one quote I couldn't get out of my head. It was directed at Tin Tin when he was determined that he had failed. Failed. There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure. A fool. A loser. A hopeless souse. Don't you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal, that is what people pick up. Don't you understand? You care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it. There's something...

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1063 20120319 If everybody likes what you are doing, you're doing it wrong.
1063 20120319 If everybody likes what you are doing, you're doing it wrong.

Doing it Wrong -

Photo by Chris Piascik


//05 //fifty-two weeks of design This week's design is based off a prayer of mine: "Less of self, more of God." I feel like it's so easy to be so caught up in what I want to do, what I think is best for my life. In the end, it doesn't even matter. Because after I part from this temporal world, self is gone. My name, or legacy, may be left behind, but I'll be gone from the face of this earth. I figured I should invest in something that would last a little longer. (Thank you, Leon, for this tremendous photograph, and thank you for licensing it under Creative Commons).

Photo by Andre Bohrer