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Making a Wood Cutting Gaming-table - A Woodworkweb woodworking video

Squarely Article: http://goo. gl/2pzPFK Making cutting boards for food preparation can be both fun and profitable.

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Picnic Time Botella Cutting Board - Natural Wood

Picnic Time Botella Cutting Board - Natural Wood

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Price: $23.70

Ecofriendly rubberwood construction. Recessed juice groove. A knotted leather loop at top of cutting board for hanging purposes. Care: Surface wash only with a damp cloth. To prevent wood from warping and cracking, do not submerge in water. Material: Rubberwood. Color: Natural Wood. 4.75 x 15.375 x 0.75 (neck: 1.75 x 4). Includes: . 1 Cutting boardBotella (botayya) is the Spanish word for bottle, a fitting name for this winebottle shaped cutting board. Made of ecofriendly rubberwood, the Botella is simple and practical in its design. The curved neck of the bottle also serves as a convenient carry handle for presenting your appetizers or light fare to your guests. A knotted leather loop at the top of the bottleneck provides a way to store the board when not in use.

Reversible Wood Cutting Board w Contoured Top Gourmet Collection

Reversible Wood Cutting Board w Contoured Top Gourmet Collection

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $42.98

Two sides are always better than one! This Gourmet collection cutting board gives you supreme versatility in your kitchen. Flat grain, oil finished board has juice grooves & trenches to prevent spills. Durable, long lasting board will be a staple of your cooking arsenal for years. Gourmet Collection. . Made of US Hardwood from the Catskill Mountains. . Oil finish. . Flat grain. . Reversible. . Meat holding wedge area & juice groove on one side. . Reverse side has wide juice catching trench. . 12 in. L x 16 in. W x 1.25 in. H (5 lbs.). . Made in the USA. . One side has a holdingwedge that grips poultry or roasts to keep them from slipping during carving. Reverse side can be used for regular cutting and chopping needs and has a deep, wide moat to collect juices or hold garnishes.


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Vastness of Cutting Boards: Your first consideration should be how much counter space you have. Every kitchen should have at least one large cutting board.

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I purchased the wood cutting house because my old wood cutting board is getting old and stained. I had expected the Turkey cutting board to be of higher quality and ...

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Importance Wooden Cutting Boards Wood Cutting Boards Made in the USA. Proudly American Made. Here at Cutting Board USA, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying ...

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Weathered Wood Stop
Weathered Wood Stop

Closeup of cracks in weathered tree shell. This texture is provided free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License with the condition that a credit (printed use) or a hyperlink (online use) is made to www.grungetextures.com. Thanks! Have you created artwork using this consistency? Post it in the Grunge Textures Showcase flickr group. We'd love to see your work.

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Slow-witted Boards
Slow-witted Boards

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It's savagely 22" to the bark, (23 1/2" with the bark) and 48" long. I have no planer, let alone one that can handle 24" boards, so I'll be doing it by penmanship with a jack plane and belt sander. I plan to plane it, trim the ends straight, leave the bark, and add the understructure to make it into a coffee itemization. The lines are marks from the stickers (small boards used in drying.)

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