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Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves - Extra Large (18x12 -Inch)

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Kit Reviews: Best Cutting Boards

Glimpse behind the scenes of our testing transform, and learn which cutting board came out on top. We tested nine cutting boards—wood, bamboo, plastic, and com.

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John Boos 24 by 18 by 2.25-Inch Reversible Cutting Board with Chrome Handles

John Boos 24 by 18 by 2.25-Inch Reversible Cutting Board with Chrome Handles

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Price: $242.75

Cutting board measures 24 by 18-inch and is 2.25-inch thick. Made in the usa of hard rock maple. Reversible: juice groove on one side, flat surface on the other. Chrome handles for convenience. Hand wash, and oil periodically for best results. . John Boos Reversible Cutting Board with Chrome Handles 24 by 18 by 2.25 inches. . Add a handsome yet highly functional tool to your kitchen arsenal with this wooden cutting board from John Boos. Made in the US of hard rock maple wood with edge grain construction, this reversible cutting board measures 24 by 18 by 2.25 inches (LxWxH). One side has a flat surface and the other has a juice groove to catch drips and excess liquid. The board is equipped with stainless steel handles for easy transport from countertop to stove. John Boos Company circa 1900. The History of John Boos Co. . In business since 1887, John Boos Co. is the oldest industry in South Central Illinois. Founder, Conrad Boos Sr. named the business after his son, John and for years, worked out of a blacksmith shop in Effingham. The blacksmith used a Sycamore tree placed on three legs to straighten horseshoes. The wooden block absorbed the shock of the hammer. In 1890, a local butcher realized the block could be used for cutting meat, and had one made. The word spread to surrounding small towns and cities and by 1911, John Boos was shipping from coast to coast. . In 1956, John Boos began to sell some of their products for home use. Today, John Boos cutting boards are found in hotels and restaurant kitchens, culinary schools, and on televised cooking shows. The old craftsmen work ethic is still around at John Boos, with a few changes. Premium Hard Rock Maple lumber from the surrounding Mid-West and Northern States is used in place of Sycamore lumber. And John Boos automation has replaced much of the older equipment with the exception of the 1942 block press which is very much in use today. John Boos Co. utilizes 100% of their raw material to benefi

Minky Homecare HH41200107V Table Top Ironing Board

Minky Homecare HH41200107V Table Top Ironing Board

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Price: $34.49

Unfortunately, not having a separate laundry room doesn't equate to not having laundry; the Minky Homecare Table Top Ironing Board allows you to dress like a professional at a moment's notice even if you don't have a full facility at your disposal. Ideal for apartments, condos, and utility rooms, this small ironing board doesn't sacrifice features for convenience. This ironing board gives you the ability to be the well-dressed person you envision, without requiring an entire room devoted to it. Compact and fully collapsible, this board nevertheless comes with impressive features that help turn a tiresome chore into a quick, enjoyable part of getting ready. The sturdy yet lightweight construction allows for quick and easy set up and removal. And the rubber feet will grip any surface surely without leaving scratches or marks behind. The retractable iron rest also allows you to set your iron down between garments without having to worry about it getting in the way or accidentally damaging your table tops. About Minky Homecare With a history that stretches clear back to the mid-nineteenth century, Minky Homecare has the experience and integrity to ensure that your housework is quick and easy. Part of Vale Mill, Minky Homecare is a family owned and run business, which means personal care and commitment to developing the very best cleaning products on the market. From prepacked cleaning cloths to ironing boards, from air driers to household cleaners and organizers, Minky has been on the cutting edge of homecare for over half a century. As a result, they have grown into international markets and have even been granted a warrant by the British Royal Household. With Minky Homecare, housework is a pleasure and does itself when you don't want to. Ideal for smaller living spaces without a laundry room. Folds flat for easy, minimal storage. Extra wide surface ideal for larger items. Retractable iron rest holds most standard irons.


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A must have for any peaceful chef/baker, The Pastry/Kneading Board/ Cutting board is a perfect over the counter work station. Its large hard maple surface is perfect for ...

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Excluding, the board made periodical pilgrimages to the farm, and always sent the beadle the day before, to say they were going.

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Cutting Board With Drawer
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carlo scarpa, architect: fondazione querini stampalia, venice 1961-1963. garden tabulate, well head support.
carlo scarpa, architect: fondazione querini stampalia, venice 1961-1963. garden tabulate, well head support.

fondazione querini stampalia, restoration of the palazzo compass basis floor, venice 1961-1963. architect: carlo scarpa, 1906-1978. - in the garden of the querini stampalia, scarpa placed an ancient well-conk of the kind travellers to venice will recognise immediately. I crawled into it to bring you this photo of a strange detail at the bottom: two brass cylinders cut in half and reconnected to subsidize the two halves of the well above a concrete base. the modernists drew apart the individual elements of a building to establish a new relationship of separate parts. obvious examples would be a floating roof or a free-standing lift/elevator - I am sure you can continue the list. this is what we might call the analytical quality of the language of modern architecture. it was developed by early masters like frank lloyd wright and mies van der rohe for both formal, spatial and efficient purposes. wright even called it exploding the box, meaning the box of the conventional house. scarpa was,...

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September--Chum Lawn 4

This is a imaginative commons image, which you may freely use by linking to this page. Please respect the photographer and his work. Construction of Shadow Lawn began about 1834 and was completed in 1840. The senior owner was Richard Puryear. In 1868 George A. Endly came from Pennsylvania to Christiansville (the former name of Chase City) and purchased the quality. He hired local but well-known architect and builder Jacob W. Holt (1811-1880) to enlarge the house. In 1902 the Mecklenburg Mineral Be unbelievable Company bought the house and used it as a “club house” for the nearby Mecklenburg Mineral Springs Hotel. The hotel burned in 1914 and the quarters resumed its domestic functions. I’ve been told that “club house” is a euphemism for a house of ill-repute (another euphemism). This Italianate structure has a standing-ridge sheet metal gable roof with interior chimneys. The low roof with prominent eaves is supported by heavy brackets in a frieze with panels. Ornamentation in the face façade...

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