Swedish Cutting Board

Swedish Cutting Board

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One-Handed Swedish Cutting Board

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BECKBECK: SET 5-EPISODES 13-15Format: DVDUPC: 815047015579Studio/Label: MHZ NETWORKSHe's got no style, no flash and he's middle-aged. But Swedish detective Martin Beck is good at one thing: methodically catching criminals so they can be put away for a long time. His tightly-wound partner, Gunvald, is the opposite: an impulsive man who cuts a dashing figure, is in no way politically-correct and who never met a boundary he didn't leap to cross. He'll do anything to get information from a suspect, including enhanced interrogation techniques. It's classic good cop/bad cop, and together with their team they bring down dangerous criminals lurking in the seedy Stockholm underworld. Beck may be a loner but he's not anti-social; he regularly sees his daughter, with whom he has a much better relationship than when he was neglecting her growing up. And at the end of a workday, there's always an interesting conversation and a nightcap with a neighbor who gives new meaning to the word quirky. Episode 13: Sender Unknown Beck and his team investigate the murder of an accountant at an airport parking lot. Meanwhile, a reporter receives an anonymous tip regarding the embezzling of funds earmarked for repairing nuclear reactors. When the reporter contacts Beck, he too becomes the target for violence. Episode 14: The Ad Man a rapist and murderer is targeting women through personal ads on public bulletin boards. Beck's not entirely comfortable with it, but he let's Alice go undercover and pose as someone answering the latest ad. She's facing a perp more complicated than the team can imagine. Episode 15: The Boy in the Glass Bowl the mother of an autistic boy is found murdered in her home. Gunvald finds her son naked in a closet, covered in blood and holding the murder weapon. The boy's non-verbal, and his primitive communication draws Beck into one of the most difficult cases of his career.


Eating Utensils - Silverware, Cutlery and Tableware
Eating utensils, flatware and silverware for the golden-agers, geriatric, handicapped, stroke victims, bedridden, Parkinson's patients and the disabled.

End Grist Cutting Board Using MC Escher Tessellations
Intro: End Morsel Cutting Board Using MC Escher Tessellations. During my residency at Pier 9, I decided to do a project using the Coherent Metabeam Laser Cutter.

Busters M-14 Foley Belsaw cutting a board - YouTube
M-14 Foley Belsaw - using it for the anything else time since setting it up. Purchased from a fellow who used it last 20 years ago to build his home. We will be ...

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Swedish Cutting Board

Swedish Cutting Board
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Swedish Cutting Board

Swedish Cutting Board
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Swedish One-Handed Cutting Board

Swedish One-Handed Cutting Board
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Cooking recipes

Cutting Board Salsa
Ingredients:tomato, jicama, onions, radish, cucumber, orange juice, mint, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, salt

Swedish Leafy Split Peas With Bacon
Ingredients:bacon, butter, salt, split peas, yellow onions

Swedish Pancakes
Ingredients:baking powder, butter, eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar

Swedish Inform Almond Spritz Cookies
Ingredients:almond extract, baking powder, almonds, butter, eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar

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Perceptiveness-Inditex has the edge in online battle with H&M
03/16/15, via Reuters

The Swedish undeviating's inventory changes less often than Inditex's and its less cutting edge approach to fashion may encourage ... H&M, which last year appointed Skype die Niklas Zennstrom to the board to help with its online expansion, is predicting ...

Swedish Pre-eminent Banker Says Price Growth Offers Little Comfort
03/13/15, via Bloomberg

Means makers last month unleashed an unprecedented stimulus package, cutting the key rate below zero and announcing ... Jansson, who joined the executive board in 2012 after heading the bank’s nummary policy department, has emerged as one of the ...

Head Central: Regional Fed Bank Boards Could Be Compromise Area in Reform Debate
03/11/15, via The Wall Street Journal

In a rock move, the Bank of Thailand joins a raft of central banks from India to Canada in easing monetary policy, cutting its benchmark interest ... fearing an even greater buildup in accountable. Swedish Inflation Rate Turns Positive.

HMS Belfast Sunset HDR
HMS Belfast Sunset HDR

HMS Belfast is a museum ocean, originally a Royal Navy light cruiser, permanently moored in London on the River Thames and operated by the Imperial War Museum. Construction of Belfast, the first off Royal Navy ship to be named after the capital city of Northern Ireland and one of ten Town-class cruisers, began in December 1936. She was launched on St Patrick's Day, 17 Tread 1938. Commissioned in early August 1939 shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, Belfast was initially part of the British naval blockade against Germany. In November 1939 Belfast struck a German mother-lode and spent more than two years undergoing extensive repairs. Returning to action in November 1942 with improved firepower, radar equipment and armour, Belfast was the largest and arguably most important cruiser in the Royal Navy at the time. Belfast saw action escorting Arctic convoys to the Soviet Union during 1943, and in December 1943 played an foremost role in the Battle of North Cape, assisting in the...

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Garlic Slated
Garlic Slated

"The coolest way to purée!" (I just made that up) Thanks to Peter & Jody for the shocking Lotta Kühlhorn cutting board, Design Friendship for the Garlic Card and Ikea for the knife. Blimey – they're all Swedish products!

Photo by gingerbeardman

105 av 365
105 av 365


Photo by Yvonne L Sweden