Pig Cutting Board

Bamboo Pig Shaped Cutting Board. 15" X 10" X 3/4" H

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Threat Nasty - Cutting Down a Pig

Examine at you own risk: Here's a video from Alabama Cooperative Extension System published under a shared creative commons license. It has a guy show you exac.

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Five Things that Realize me Smile in the Kitchen

Source: As He Leads is Joy

I needed some insight for things to blog. We are doing the same thing day in and day out for school or at least that is what it seems like. When I can't think of anything else to share, I will share Five Things. This in good time always it is Five Things that make me smile in the kitchen. The Pig - It is just known as "the pig". Put the pig on the table. Do you want the pig. The pig is a cutting board but don't use it as a cutting board through if you look you will see that at times it has been used as a cutting board. It was made by my grandfather. The tiny-minded plate and the chicken. The wooden plate was made by my father. I think I have one other bowl that he made but not that many pieces. The chicken is one that I found at a thrift store. I recall deciding to buy them and putting them at the cash register while I was looking and someone else was interested. Yes, that made me want them just a bit more. The blue and white bowl of fruit. This did not come from a miserliness store but from Thailand. Years ago when I worked in Asia, I traveled to Thailand regularly and if I was there on a weekend I would often visit the weekend market and see what blue and stainless dishes I could buy. I have some other dishes in storage. There is a window leading to the utility room and up on the top I have space for some Menno art and some milk bottles from Hong Kong. Menno Gold brick was a folk artist who lived near where I grew up. I think these are the only pieces that I have. I would love a few more (hint, hint) but I am not willing to pay eBay prices. This is an interesting collection -- a bit from where I grew up and a bit from Asia all mongrel together.

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Little Pig

Little Pig

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Price: $9.79

Die-cut Pig shaped board book about Piglets.

Run, Run Piglet

Run, Run Piglet

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Price: $11.79

Follow along! Help piglet run through the die-cut holes back to his favorite mud puddle. Is it inside the henhouse? Or inside the barn? Young readers can move the character along the string and through the die-cut holes as they turn the pages of this innovative board book!


J.K. Adams Pig Cutting Board | Williams-Sonoma
Inspired by a bygone American cutting board, this pig-shaped maple board comes in handy for prep work, serving appetizers or as a playful kitchen accent. It’s made ...

Saturnalian ® Natural Dishwasher-Safe Pig Board | Crate and ...
Saturnalian ® Natural Dishwasher-Safe Pig Board - Our exclusive animal versions of the eco-friendly Epicurean board cutting board bring farmhouse charm into your ...

Sculpted Pig Cutting Board | Delftware Barn
Carved mango wood in the form of a plump little pig is a playful way to present fruit and cheese. • 18.25" long x 11" wide x 1" high • Made of hand-carved mango ...

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Pig Shaped Cutting Board

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Cooking recipes

Cutting Board Salsa
Ingredients:tomato, jicama, onions, radish, cucumber, orange juice, mint, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, salt

Pickled Pig's Feet II
Ingredients:red chilies, salt, white vinegar

Pig Picking Encrust II
Ingredients:eggs, flaked coconut, margarine, pecan

Kalua Pig in a Old-fashioned Cooker
Ingredients:sea salt, liquid smoke flavoring, pork chops

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Danish Crown cutting Ringsted pork lines
03/13/15, via MeatPoultry.com

The actors attributed the decision to declining supplies of slaughter-ready pig production ... The company's board of directors recommended removing the processing lines at Ringsted. “The only intelligent way of cutting capacity is by closing down whole ...

As though April Bloomfield's Salad Sandwich
03/13/15, via am New York

Whilom before to the launch of her second cookbook 'A Girl and Her Greens', chef of The Spotted Pig and author of 'A Girl and Her Pig ... and onion in more or less one layer on a large dish or cutting board. Squeeze a little lemon juice over the veg, then ...

Unapproved, but Hand-me-down in Surgery
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In her come what may, the surgeon sliced open her leg and positioned special cutting guides, like carpentry jigs ... and OtisMed promotional materials and read medical charge bulletin boards online. She discovered that some surgeons questioned whether the device ...

Scullery panorama
Scullery panorama

Hardwood cutting boards in the condition of a pig and fish peer out from among the colorful Ikea cutting boards. I suppose we don't really need five cutting boards.

Photo by scostello22

cutting boards
cutting boards

this is why my uncle is cooler than yours: handmade cutting boards for easter! the piggy is based on one my aunt has that her grandfather made, and the mouse is my new cheese board. bonus, they got me an amazing, heavy-duty cheese slicer. let's go eat some cheese!

Photo by pinprick

Do you in any case take photos when you should be doing something else?
Do you in any case take photos when you should be doing something else?

This is the bounds of the wall in my kitchen that adjoins the dining room. The rest of the wall is a swinging door.

Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [''playin' hook-y''] ;o