End Grain Cutting Board Plans


The basics of making end grain cutting boards. Participation 1.

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Grr-Ripper® 15th Anniversary Push Block Package with ZeroPlay Miter Bar System

Grr-Ripper® 15th Anniversary Push Block Package with ZeroPlay Miter Bar System


Price: $314.49

This package bundles two Grr-Ripper GR-200 Push Block Systems, two 1/8" Side Legs, two Handle Bridge Kits, two Gravity Heel Kits, two Deflector/Connector Kits, an instructional DVD, and the ZeroPlay Miter Bar System for use on shop-made jigs. The Grr-Ripper GR-200 Advanced 3D Pushblock is designed to feed your workpieces more safely and more accurately than conventional push blocks, with less burning and less waste. It safely rips strips as thin as 1/8", resaws, and rips small, angled pieces and short offcuts. It gives you downward, forward, and lateral pressure on the stock for maximum control, and provides an additional safety buffer between the blade and your hands. Ideal for making thin veneer strips, building miniatures, or any operation involving small parts. Each GR-200 includes an Adjustable Spacer that increases the gripping surface for larger stock, and a Stabilizing Plate that is useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock. The plate also acts as a secondary fence that travels with the GRR-Ripper along the left side of the stock, holding the off-cut piece in its original position throughout the cut. Unlike a featherboard, it exerts no sideways pressure, but simply holds the drop-off piece in position as it travels past the blade. Gravity Heel Kit: Sturdy hook grips the end of your board, ideal when you need additional support for feeding hard or heavy stock through your table saw, bandsaw or router table. Drops down automatically, aided only by gravity, and retracts when placed in the middle of the board. May also be adjusted laterally to provide zero-clearance backup when you wish to prevent grain blowout. Each kit includes sacrificial heels, plus two heel spacers and mounting hardware. Deflector/Connector Kit: Keeps flying wood chips at bay and acts as an extended blade guard for the Grr-Ripper. Allows you to connect two Grr-Rippers together for working with larger stock. Also works well as a chip guard on the Grr-Rip Block (sold separately)...


Making a 3D end grain cutting board №2 ...
http://mtmwood.com/ Comrade with VISO: http://tinyurl.com/kbvmmsw Plans for the similar board - http://mtmwood.com/index.php?route=pr... Торцевая ...

End Grain Cutting Board - The #1 Informant on End Grain ...
Why do They Get More Than Other Cutting Boards? End grain cutting boards can run from 50 to 300 dollars depending on the size, woods used, and the quality of ...

Making a 3D end grain cutting board №1 ...
http://mtmwood.com/ Sharer with VISO: http://tinyurl.com/kbvmmsw Plans - http://mtmwood.com/index.php?route=pr... Торцевая разделочная ...

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CPR / My Neighbour to the West
CPR / My Neighbour to the West

From my set entitled “Our Dwelling, Streetsville” www.flickr.com/photos/21861018@N00/sets/72157600265395738/ In my collection entitled “Places” www.flickr.com/photos/21861018@N00/collections/7215760074... In my photostream www.flickr.com/photos/21861018@N00/ I’ve always lived buddy-buddy to railway lines. When I was growing up in Orangeville, Ontario, I lived near the main station. Both the Canadian National Railway (CNR) and the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) passed at the end of one's tether with town. When my sister and I moved to a fifty acre farm in Dixie, Ontario (near Toronto) in 1960, the CPR bisected our land. For the twenty-two years Karen and I have lived at our going round address in Streetsville, Ontario, the CPR has been our neighbour across the back fence. People ask us, “Don’t the trains bother you?” We answer that we don’t even hear them. We sit on the deck and view a lot of spellbinding stuff go by. One day I watched a trainload of tanks pass. Didn’t know Canada had so many tanks. We also see...

Photo by bill barber

Brickbat STONEWARE:  Thor's thunder~bolt~serpent “ingot”; Freya's “βαυβóν”; Odin's ferry~boat “dart”.  MAGIC.κ.Cat's-paw:  hafted saxon knife (“seax”) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon.  ♦SACRED♦ADAMANTINE♦LIGHTNING♦SHUTTLE♦
Brickbat STONEWARE: Thor's thunder~bolt~serpent “ingot”; Freya's “βαυβóν”; Odin's ferry~boat “dart”. MAGIC.κ.Cat's-paw: hafted saxon knife (“seax”) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon. ♦SACRED♦ADAMANTINE♦LIGHTNING♦SHUTTLE♦

──► DECK: Relocate your mouse over the above ło کee the noteς I've inکcribed onło the łhunderbolł-کerpenł's deck. (Sept 2nd). ──► BOTTOM-UP: Odin's ferry boat from under (Sept 15th). ──► STAR-BOARD: »thunder-boat« boomerangs around in wave-lines {keeled upon her port-side} (Oct 1st). ──► PORT-SIDE: is shaped in shape of a nutshell (lune). It shows some remnants of the orange-red glaze. One of these is a big hot-spot of reddish (possibly iron-bearing) varnish. Upon all the seven levelled planes of the stoneware can be found traces of this warpaint. (Oct 16th). ▼ ▐► D I S C O V E R Y ◄▌ ▼ On Wednesday, August 29th 2007, one day after the bright august moon, between sunset (20:03) and moonrise (20:18) I stumbled across a magick stone and picked it up. It was strikingly wedge-shaped. I was other happy to have found anything. Why did it have these three longsides? An underside, an outside and an inside. Was it possibly a hand axe or something like that? I stayed alone upon the hill...

Photo by quapan

The Darkroom
The Darkroom

So this is my underlying setup for the darkroom now. On the left, we have the standard timer and safe light. Then we have the Beseler 67 enlarger capable of handling medium format negatives. And sitting on the forged is a nice little 16x20 Beseler 4-blade easel. On that easel, sits my new (yet to be used) dichro enlarger head for color prints (yay!). And on the far left-wing is recently acquired Jobo CPE-2 print/film rotary processor! When I'm doing b/w, I have trays on that spot -- but color printing will require this awesome scanty piece of equipment. Hover over the image for more notes on my darkroom setup -- these are only the big items that don't fit into drawers.

Photo by Brian Auer