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Midori Way Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves - Extra Large (18x12 -Inch)

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Found Your Own Audio Shelf 10 - Cutting Melamine Laminated Particleboard

Cutting melamine laminated particleboard for threaded rod audio shelves. Jig Saw, Redundant Saw, Router, Table Saw.

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How Ikea is Managing Their Reasonable Wood Push

Source: Core77

Ikea recently launched their NORNÄS racket, "a modern collection in raw, untreated, high-quality pine from slow-growing forests in Northern Sweden. " When they announced it earlier this year it was a bit of a amazement, for two reasons: One, the company is known for using MDF or particle board more than natural wood. Wouldn't a company doing Ikea levels of volume—the kickoff shipment alone was 200,000 pieces—swiftly deforest all of Scandinavia. Last year as I traveled through Helsinki, I passed what appeared to be a massive highway construction project:. And yes, Finland is not Sweden, but the two countries are side-by-side and interest a common topography. My point is that the construction crew didn't use this absurd amount of wood because they like the smell of fresh-cut timber, but because the region has so much of it that it's the most reasonable material for them to use here. Before I get you a more satisfying answer, I'll point out there was a third surprise to Ikea's announcement. The NORNÄS line took just 14 months "from the first style sketch to the finished products on the shelves,” according to Ikea Product Developer Roger Olandersson. "Close collaboration between the designers and the production team allowed keen decisions to be made, which helped speed up the process. In our previous entries on Ikea, we’ve covered the company’s mastery of production methods—for example, the board-on-elevate technology that goes into the Lack table and others, creating a perfectly flat, sturdy, yet lightweight panel. However, working with natural wood brings critical challenges: Wood is a more “alive” material that does not always cooperate with being uniformly machined with affordable yields. And veteran furniture makers must all deal with the science of countering wood activity. Our interest piqued, we reached out to Ikea to get some more detailed answers. It appears these answers came directly from HQ in Sweden, as there are some slight translation quirks that we communistic as-is:. Core77: Can you walk us through how one of the NORNÄS pieces is manufactured, literally starting from the tree in the ground and ending with the finished product. Ikea: NORNÄS stage starts with cutting of Pine logs (Pinus Sylvestris) from the sub-arctic region in the northwest part of Sweden where Pine forests are covering huge landscapes. The forests are grown up after plantation or reforestation with Pine seeds. The logs are cut in dimension of 2,8 m and diameter from 100 up to 180 mm which means very small logs in purpose to get as much wood with small and fresh knots as possible. This means also that we can utilize a lot of logs from thinning operations and not only unencumbered cutting. In the sawmill at Glommersträsk the logs are sawn with fix thickness but the width of every board vary in purpose to maximize the utilization of the log. The boards are dried directly to 8% moisture serenity after cutting in sawmill and then the operation of making glueboard and components starts. This operation we do in the glue board factory in Malå where the boards is cut in to 2,8 m lamellas and is moulded to their optimal dimension. These lamellas are pressed together to glueboard and then cut to area of different component sizes. The furniture production in Lycksele starts with glueboard components from Malå where edges are moulded, drilling operations, incontrovertible surface sanding and the packing in to boxes. How has Ikea’s production team managed to streamline the harvesting/manufacturing process of using natural wood. During the advance of the NORNÄS range the technical specification were written according to the natural features of the raw material. Typical for the Northwest Swedish Pine is slow growth with lot of greatly small black knots like spots and fresh knots with same colour as surrounding wood (red/yellow). High raw material utilization is major not only for sustainability but also prerequisite to be able to reach a price level on the final furniture so that the many people can afford to buy. The dimensions of the products were also adapted to the measurement of the logs so that the utilisation of the logs where optimised. So the NORNÄS range were optimized both from the natural variation and outlook of the Swedish Pine and from the dimensions of logs elbow in the forest. The waste material from the sawmill like the chips.

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OIA Espresso Wood Ambassador Bathroom Floor Two Shelf Cabinet

OIA Espresso Wood Ambassador Bathroom Floor Two Shelf Cabinet

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $93.53

Modern style. One door with adjustable shelf. Open shelf for easy access to soaps, lotions, hand towels and decorative items. Cut out handle provides clean and unique design. Made from solid and composite wood. Espresso finish. Made from particle board and MDF. 14.13 in. W x 14.13 in. D x 39.38 in. H.

5/16 Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutters 9933

5/16 Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutters 9933

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $17.99

OEO1161: Features: -Carbide cutter-Fast cutting sharp teeth for greater material removal-Use on fiberglass, wood, plastic, epoxy, rubber, laminates, particle board and ceramic tile-5/16".


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Nontraditional stamping-ground builder targets working-class market
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At the works, they use computerized equipment to cut, notch and fashion pieces of wood engineered for strength, stiffness and moisture. It’s not plywood or strand board, is stronger than particle board and is used in flooring, walls and roof decking.

Michelman Introduces Easy Line of Composite Wood Release Solutions to China Market at WoodMac China 2015
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Lay eyes on the Mighty Electron!
Lay eyes on the Mighty Electron!

Yes, it *is* me, geeky, over the top, something primordial and tiny and indistinct but critical to life as we know it! It was surprisingly straightforward and only took about 5 hours to assemble from paint, fabric, binding, thread, and Kathryn's whitish-grey brooch. Livejournal costuming commentary: [Up all night] Only then (about 4am) did I turn to my costume. Designed and carefully created a stencil for main pattern and utilized fabric spray paint, which seems to have worked well in spite of puddles of paint I mopped up off the design - nervewracking! And stencil-making is a invitation (I basically used a computer to print a stencil, transferred to paper grocery bag, cut about 1/4" around the design, placed bag outline on persuadable cutting board, layered painter's masking tape over the hole in the stencil, and then taped the main stencil piece I'd cut out on top and cut through the layers with exacto knife down to the cutting board, carefully peeling all the layers up. When it's all cut...

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Desk and Storage From Old Doors
Desk and Storage From Old Doors

The finished artifact (nearly) of the all-salvage, reused doors, desk project. The drawers will be painted to match the desk.

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Another closeup of the skirt board
Another closeup of the skirt board

Removing the carpet, padding, harness strips, and staples from the subfloor was a lot of work in and of itself. There were a LOT of staples. Cutting off the particle board stairnosing was also tedious. I'm glad I don't have to do that again. DSC_6322

Photo by sneakymoose