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  • Constructed of blue plastic

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Unconstrained Diorio Diorama Workshop FAQ : How to properly CUT Foamcore ?

com FAQ: Often asked question. Greg Boyce - asks: How do you properly cut Foamcore. Believe it or not this is a problem that MANY fi.

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Elmer's Pre-Cut White Foam Board Sheets, 11 x 14, 4/PK

Elmer's Pre-Cut White Foam Board Sheets, 11 x 14, 4/PK

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Price: $11.58

Pre-cut sheets are uniform and even in size! Lightweight but strong and rigid to resist denting and crushing. Resilient polystyrene core bounces back after cutting to keep the board uniform edge to edge. The smooth surface satisfies a wide range of media including markers and paint. Perfect for crafts, school projects, framing and mounting. Art Board Type: Foam; Material(s): Foam; Color(s): White; Board Size (W x H): 11 x 14.

Foam Board, 3/16 Thick, 22x28, 5 per Carton, Black

Foam Board, 3/16 Thick, 22x28, 5 per Carton, Black

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Price: $22.12

Original foam core graphic arts board is made with polystyrene extruded foam laminated between two sheets of paper to form a lightweight but strong and rigid surface. Design includes a satin finish with a black liner and solid black core. Ideal for crafts, school projects, framing, mounting, displays and exhibits. Foam board has a smooth surface that can accept a wide range of media, including paints. Warp-resistant and dent-resistant sheets are easy to cut. Foam board is 3/16 thick. Perfect for mounting boards with a professional look.


Cutting Foam Board - Beesource.com - Beekeeping resources ...
I purchased a 4' x 8' page of 2" thick Dow Corning Foam Board. What is the best way to cut this foam to get a nice edge? I am going to place this under the ...

Cutting Hard Foam Board Insulation | DoItYourself.com
Foam board Insulation is a extent inexpensive type of insulation board that adds a high R-Value to areas where adding standard installation is either cost ...

PVC, Gator Foam Board Suppliers | Foam Board
Foam Board Creator is one of the largest online suppliers of best quality Gator, PVC, Sintra foam board products and cutting tools in the United States

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Foamboard Cutter

Foamboard Cutter
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Put through: foamboard cutting tools

Put through: foamboard cutting tools
Image by boardgamegeek.com

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Also cutting out patterns with an exacto cut is SO MUCH EASIER THAN SCISSORS I just need a better cutting surface than my paper foam board


Making my anything else foam core model in years. Pulled out the cutting board, x-acto knife and glue gun. Would make any designer feel nostalgic.


Printing of Foam board added to cutting http://t.co/RSC54ohYoh

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USD 382: Hornet's nest-solving key for students and board of education
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Monday’s union of the USD 382 Board of Education ... to protect the spray foam roof that is beginning to deteriorate. The Southwest Elementary building has a number of blisters in the coating that he said fundamental to be cut out and repaired.

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Still Lifetime With Fruit - Explored
Still Lifetime With Fruit - Explored

I was playing with my lights again, and I messed roughly with various combinations of fruits, backgrounds and supporting surfaces. I took a lot of pictures, and this is the one combination that I like best. For supporting surfaces I tried a reproduction and black foam board, in addition to this cutting board, but this seemed the most appropriate. The fruit at bottom right is a peach grown by a neighbor, and is incredibly sweet and wonderful. The nectarine, banana and mango came from the cache, and are tasty but not as good as the homegrown fresh fruit. As you would expect. Strobist Info: I was trying to duplicate the look of the soft, directional Northern window highlight reveal that the old master painters used. Lit with a YN560-II in a 24 inch softbox, camera left at 9 o'clock as the main light. This flash was in manual modus operandi at 1/4 power and was triggered by a Yongnuo RF-603N. The fill light came from a YN560 in a softbox, camera right at 4 o'clock, in slave state at 1/64 power. Because...

Photo by Bill Gracey

Gingerbread Birdhouse Mosaic Art
Gingerbread Birdhouse Mosaic Art

My birthday is today and to revel it, I am posting my newest art project! Original mosaic art designed by me and made of white Portland cement. Each pecan, chocolate chip, chocolate sack, drop cookies, cut out cookie or pressed cookie was made by hand. I even made a latex rubber mold of real pecans in order to amount to the nuts for these cookies. I designed the house of styrofoam and covered it with mesh and thinset tile adhesive. Then adhered each cookie with more thinset and added off-white thinset frosting. Each cookie or candy is my own recipe. All Portland cement based, colored with cement dyes or acrylic paints, the flour on the crackle cookie is stonedust, the sugar on the thumbprint and other cookies is cadaverous sand. Colored sand on some cookies, glass gems on some. I've been making these candies and cookies for awhile over several years span. This is my first mosaic project with it! This is unqualifiedly weatherproof and weighs a lot but I have an eyebolt on a long threaded rod thru...

Photo by Heart Windows Art

Fish - fins cut out  (Johan photo)
Fish - fins cut out (Johan photo)

Photo by steveyb