Custom End Grain Cutting Boards

How to bring about a wood end-grain cutting board

How to format a cutting board using Cutting Board Designer and then build it in the wood shop. I made mine using Cherry, Walnut and Maple. 1024Studios.

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My wonderful budget bathroom freshen up

Source: Pretend Fancy

One dig for a double vanity. Which means that we would have had to get the sink done custom. Thought of doing a wood countertop, but I didn't want it to look like a cheap chintzy DIY project (I differentiate all about those from my own DIY experiences ha. ) I made John install a new light fixture for me. I got this on clearance at Home Depot--the... I was worried because previously we had one of those Miss Piggy barebulb hollywood insignificant fixtures with five or six bulbs and this only has three. I also knew it would not span as far over as the previous light fixture which I was afraid would make the mirror look disproportionate. We overcame that by upping the wattage of the bulbs and cutting our mirror. I little short of bought an expensive light fixture (because all of the good ones are expensive) and happened to find this one in the store and was so happy I waited for a deal. The description always tells you why it was sent back. In my situation though, the description actually turned out to be wrong. It said there were some "nicks and dents" on the faucet. I was really tempted not to buy it because I thought it must look really noticeable for someone to gain it. But it was HALF the price. As you might imagine, my cheap side won out and I bought the fixture. The real reason it was probably returned (and what surprised me as well as probably the eccentric buyers) was that the handles on the faucet were different than the handles on the outside of the box (and what I thought I was buying). I actually LOVE these handles more than the ones I thought I was getting. My worthless side really saved me a lot on this makeover, I'm telling you. The mirror was actually quite a to-do. I wanted to use our old mirror because, uh, FREE. But I didn't want to just hang it back up and put molding on it because inveterately the sheer size gives it away that you are using the basic builder model mirror. But let me tell you, hanging a mirror is not a joke, and I didn't want to just use thin molding to construct it out. I've done that before and it looked just mediocre. I looked on craigslist for a mirror, I looked at molding. I even looked at buying a new mirror online. All too expensive or the wrong extent. I was getting frustrated when I looked out my back door and remembered that I had a huge chalkboard with a frame that I bought from the thrift store years ago. I found a tutorial on how to cut glass and John helped me cut down our echo to size and install it into the mirror. But in the end, it cost us the price of a mirror cutter (about five bucks), and I love the chippy mirror effect.

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SketchList 3D Version 4 Shop, Mac Version

SketchList 3D Version 4 Shop, Mac Version


Price: $199.99

SketchList 3D is a computerized drafting program specifically designed for the needs of cabinetmakers and furniture makers. It allows you to easily manipulate three-dimensional objects on your screen in a natural, intuitive way, assembling your cabinet much the way you would in your shop. Create precisely dimensioned virtual boards with a few clicks, then drag and drop to the correct position, or copy and paste to duplicate the board on the other side. Drag corners and edges to quickly align with the overall exterior dimensions, defined at the beginning of the process. As your drafts rapidly come together, all required drawings, reports and cut lists are automatically updated in real time in the background. Joinery, hole drilling, and contours are easy to integrate. Add tenons to the ends of your boards with a few clicks, and all relevant lengths are automatically updated on the cut list. You can also create a personalized library of objects for repetitive use. Fast, flexible and easy-to-use, Sketchlist 3D will save you time, allow you and your customers to easily visualize your designs, and save money by eliminating mistakes and rework. Features: Create 3D joinery with a few mouse clicks: tenons, tongue and groove, miter, dado, rabbet Add contours to board edges with a few mouse clicks: round over, cove, chamfer, V-groove, bullnose, roman ogee Use either imperial or metric units Easily drag and drop to position objects within your design Blue dot corners let you drag to dimension, or copy and paste location values to butt boards together Import/export functions let you easily share your designs with customers Shape tool lets you cut angles and curves in your boards Materials management lets you add and size materials as required A customizable library of standard objects let you easily drop in frequently used parts Drag edges to easily modify dimensions Draft complete assemblies, including doors, drawers, and hardware so you and your customers can visualize the...

Fox Run Square End Grain Chefs Cutting Board

Fox Run Square End Grain Chefs Cutting Board

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $67.62

Add style to your kitchen with the Ironwood Gourmet Chef's cutting board. This square end grain chef's board is made from beautiful Acacia wood. It serves as a practical cutting board and a lovely service piece. End grain construction provides added strength making the board a solid kitchen tool. Acacia is a hardwood that is grown on all continents. This pod bearing tree is known for its rich, dark colors, that range from gold to chocolate brown, as well as its beautiful, contrasting patterns. Acacia Wood has an unusual property known as chatoyancy. It appears to change color and luster in different lighting conditions. The wood can change from a light tan to a dark brown. Sometimes appearing similar to Walnut and sometimes more like teak. Measures 14 x 14 x 1.25. *Note for Customers Outside of North America. Some of our products use electricity for power. We sell electrical products that were made to work with 110V Electrical systems. If you live in a country that utilizes a different electrical system you may need to use a converter for these products to function. The act of using a converter automatically voids the warranty on these products.


3D End Grain Cutting Boards - YouTube MTMWOOD 3D end grain cutting boards. 0:09 - hornbeam and padauk 3D end grain cutting go aboard 0:32 - hornbeam and makore 3D end ...

End Grain Cutting Go aboard - The #1 Source on End Grain ...
End Grain Cutting Food is your number one resource for wood cutting boards on the web. Click to find out all there is to know about cutting boards

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End Grain Cutting Boards Woodworking forum focused on making the beginner a excel woodworker

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Custom Made End Grain Cutting Boards

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Makes a honourable host gift too, and comes in other city patterns. End Grain Cutting Board, $60. Prep and serve up all your snacks on this gorgeous butcher block cutting board. It's a Southwest theme, yeah, but that's fine; no one has the patience for year ...


20x14" cutting food design: Finished board. This is the second one as MIchael was not happy how the first one turned out (his saw broke what caused a slight shift in the pattern) created by: Michael Anderson,

Photo by Matus Kalisky

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