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Joseph Joseph Chopping Board with Integrated Knife Sharpener, Large, Slice and Sharpen, Black

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  • Ceramic sharpener suitable for most stainless...

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Rosewill RHKN-13002 5-Holding Ceramic Knife and Cutting Board Set Overview - Newegg Lifestyle

com | Cutlery: http://bit. ly/IWl06B sku: 96-268-060 Your caboose tasks couldn't be easier with the Rosewill RHKN-13002 five-piece ceramic k.

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Functioning Decorating

Source: Typically Atypical

In my "about me" department of this blog, I mention my love for functional decorating. That whole creating and sustaining another human being thing got in the way. So, I am a fan of functional decorating, which I define as decorating with objects that I have a ball looking at that also perform a function. I like surrounding myself with things that resonate with more basic needs, like cooking. As an added bonus, decorating with important or hard working items means spending less because one item has multiple functions. Now, how can you not like that. Let's look at the perdy pictures. *Disclaimer: pictures were charmed in sub-par lighting and may, in fact, not be perdy. To fill the space along the wall, we used pressed tin tiles. These tiles were left over from a project in our last home, so we already had them. They fit the time, matched the decor, and we can always choose to remove them and use them for another project. Basically, I am thinking of this as a storage solution in addition to a decorating decision. But for now, I love that they compliment the absurd green of the wall, as well as subtly catching and reflecting light into the room. That was one of my best buys and on I had to convince my husband of, because he was pretty sure I was being mad as a March hare. It is an indoor/outdoor piece I got on sale. Man LOVES this thing. For him, it's something to climb on or a bean bag chair to flop down in. For the adults, it's a foot stool or something comfy to sit on when we thirst to get down to Mr. Man's level. The fact that it's indoor/outdoor means that it's super durable and easy to clean. I paired a similar piece with the rocking chair in the nursery. Next to the papasan position, you'll see this little wooden stool. This is one of the most hard working pieces of furniture we own. In the past it has played a supporting role as a plant stand, a twilight stand, and we frequently use it when I cut R's hair. It often pulls duty as extra seating or a place to set drinks when we have company. It is easy to move from room to latitude, which is awesome, and the relatively simple silhouette and neutral color means that you can use it anywhere. It's an ottoman for our loveseat, a toy box, and it can be pulled out and used for extra seating - that's obvious. It was THE Most cruising surface when Mr. Man was a baby, being firm but soft. It's a great addition to a blanket fort, where it can form a wall, be used in combination within the loveseat to develop a tunnel, or just to keep a blanket in place by closing it into the lid. It's also long enough that it can be used as an impromptu barrier/baby gate. Basically it's the best $120 I all the time spent. So that's what I mean by functional decorating. I am hoping to start "regularly" sprinkling some decorating posts into my toddler-dense repertoire. If you like what you see, let me skilled in.

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Picnic at Ascot CB15 Celtic Cheese Board Set - Ceramic Dish - Bamboo

Picnic at Ascot CB15 Celtic Cheese Board Set - Ceramic Dish - Bamboo

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Price: $32.95

PVQ1204: Features: -Set includes: 1 Cheese knives, 1 cheese spreaders and 1 cheese fork. -Includes a removable ceramic dish for crackers, olives, etc. and three cheese service utensils. -Ceramic dish included. -Bamboo cheese board with inset cheese tools. -Stainless steel tools with bamboo handles.

Enigma Cutting Board and Serving Tray-White/ Bamboo

Enigma Cutting Board and Serving Tray-White/ Bamboo

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $37.95

PCT3955: Features: -Set includes 1 cutting board and 1 serving tray. -Reversible cutting board offset in a ceramic tray for a unique and fun presentation. -Manufacturer provides limited lifetime warranty. Product Type: -Platter. Color: -White. Material: -Bamboo/Porcelain. Number of Items Included: -2. Pieces Included: -1 Bamboo cutting board
1 Porcelain tray. Pattern: -Solid color. Material Details: -Porcelain and bamboo. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -1. Overall Width - Side to Side: -13. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -9. Overall Product Weight: -4.8 lbs.


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Crystal & ceramic cutting boards are harder than metal … so they dull your knives quickly, not only ruining them, but also increasing the chance of injury.

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03/16/15, via Occupational Health&Safety

Reused sump at the truly of a ceramic zinc distillation column was partially blocked ... Mar 16, 2015 The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) last week released the results of its study into an explosion and fire on July ...

The Morning After: Leña Debuts a Delicous Latin American Brunch
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The prestige Leña, which means “firewood,” dually expresses the restaurant’s aesthetics — burnt ceramic plates and cutting boards make for exceptional, photogenic presentation — and flavor profile. The snowy oak wood-fired grill at the heart of ...

Still and Wife Bring Wine and Cheese Together
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which is filled with impeccably displayed cheeses along with an grouping of things that a discerning cheese lover might covet—from quince paste and gourmet crackers to cutting boards and linens. Also on the shelves are cunning ceramic guinea hens made ...

February 6, 2011
February 6, 2011

Although I am undoubtedly committing some type of crime in today’s caffeine-fueled society, I’ve never had a single drop of coffee inside my Starbuck’s coffee mug. I’ve had several posts claiming my passion of green tea and – truth is – this is a great tea mug. Just the right size, just the right heat dissipation, just the right delivery. Today’s image doesn’t offer much in terms of creativity, but the commitments everywhere the house prevented a concentrated effort for the 365 project. About the only creative aspect of the photo was the use of the white shirt I was wearing as the primary reflector for the street-light entering the window behind the cup. Tomorrow is another day. jeremyjenum.com/project-365-2011-edition/

Photo by Jeremy Jenum

J.K. Adams Tradition Board
J.K. Adams Tradition Board

Photo by Didriks

More Mushrooms..
More Mushrooms..

The clock doesn't calling (Probably why they threw it out) but I liked the mushrooms on the sides enough to hang it up near the others. It was made by someone back in 1978, according to the signature. The decorative cutting board also had some mushroom graphics on it and I was testy to grab that as well. Mushrooms spreading in my kitchen like..fungus? (Oh now that doesn't sound good at all! I do assure you that I do keep it fairly tidy in my place and the only fungi I deficiency hanging around is the decorative ones.. LOL!)

Photo by Thrift Store Addict